BarCampCHS 2011: Greeting Cards

Thank you card by Caanan Tully at BarCampCHS, 2011

My favorite – created by Caanan Tully

Presenter:  Caanan Tully

[Whoohoo!  Here at BarCamp! 🙂  First up, greeting cards.]

She started doing cards since the 1990’s with her Grandma.  She’s gotten back into it in the last year.

You can assembly line greeting cards.  The presenter did this for the first time with bridal shower invitation cards she did.

She is a web developer but LOVES to make greeting cards.  :0)

You can be really basic…one stamp on cardstock.

But you can do so much more.  You can get stamps to sign your work, add colored paper borders.

Distress inks are popular now.  You use a foam applicator and brush it on.  Depending on how much ink you use, it can look lumious like the inside of a lantern.

Other interesting techniques:

  • embossing powder (looks like virco ink)
  • stamping the negative space on the card
  • making an odd size card for it to stand out – stamping company with really interesting stamps.

Q: Do you have a trick to get the impression more even?

A: Look at the stamp after you get it inked up.  You can sometimes rough up the stamp with sanding block, or press the paper onto the stamp – do versamark then ink

There are Tupperware-style brands like Stamping Up, where everything matches so you don’t waste time trying to match stuff.

Look for clearance sales for the most expensive markers. Beware!  It’s addictive.  The presenter started with two distress ink colors.  Now she has 10. 🙂

Forum – split coast stampers has a gallery so you can post stuff you made, then you can link to products you used.  So if you have a few random products and you don’t know what to use it for, you can search for products & get ideas.  [This is like Ravelry for stamping & cards! -A]

Such a Dear greeting card by Caanan Tully, BarCampCHS, 2011

What a cutie! Card by Caanan Tully

Q: Are there local scrapbooks shops that are your favorites?
A: Not anymore – the Pink House has moved.  There’s two in Summerville, one is Happily Ever After.  Also there’s Stickled Pink in Goose Creek.

Shop smart. Consider paying to support local stores to support the better, more unique stuff they are able to buy.  Also, the owner at Stickled Pink will let you hang out & do projects in the store.  [This is smart – make your store a destination – A]

All the local stores have classes and sometimes have crop sessions so you can use Cricuts and other expensive tools that you might not own yourself.

A good discussion on the cricuts and cuttlebugs – borrow rather than buy.

Likes both trad wooden stamps and acrylics.  Acrylics are harder to ink, but it’s really good to see where the ink is gonna go.

Color with markers is common, but you can color with distress inks on a sponge, and other methods.  Can use a blender pen which turns any ink onto something you can blend.

Stickers! Also make pretty cards.

Reuse your scraps – make them into a colorbar with a piece of card stock for borders, accents, etc.  Can use any shape, like circles or rectangular scraps.

Also hot: use baker’s twine to add a soft dimension to a card.

You can always make a card to fit any shape envelope.  They can be hard to find, apparently. can help.

Jennifer Maguire [sp] is a card designer the presenter really likes to follow.
Michelle Zindorf [sp] another amazing designer.

She recommends Google Reader – [yes! I agree – A]

Hero Arts has a challenge every month.  Check it out!

[Cute card illustrations to come when I have some time. 🙂  This was a great session.  Thanks, Canaan!]

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