At BarCampCHS

Had a great time at BarCampCHS over the weekend!  If you’re not familiar with BarCamp, it’s an unconference-style meeting where the attendees are both the audience and the presenters.  The attendees choose which presentations/workshops happen during the event.  The first BarCamp was held in 2005 in California, and since then the idea has spread around the world.

BarCampCHS was held this past Saturday at the Lowcountry Innovation Center in the Navy Yard and it focused on technology and the arts.  250 folks met and discussed everything from lesser-known social networking sites to selling what you know to learning about belly dance and artisanal bacon and everything in between.  Oh–and did I mention the giant robot??

Check out some pictures from BarCampCHS on Flickr for some idea of what it was like.  If there is an unconference event happening in your industry area, I definitely recommend that you try to attend at least once.  The spontaneous nature of the event is a lot more fun than your usual professional conference and the fabulous admission price (free!) is always a big plus.

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