An Interesting Thing Happened When We Organized the Living Room

Thanks to friend and handyperson Erin, we now have attached our flat packed multimedia cabinets to the living room wall and filled them full of stuff.  I feel so liberated, but we’re by no means done with organizing the living room.

One amusing thing to note: we have a display cube with a lovely glass door as part of this multimedia cabinet setup.  On the top shelf went the Doctor Who & Torchwood DVDs along with my old Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy pins, a Doctor Who Fan Club of America badge, and a Nine/Ten Sonic Screwdriver pen.  On the second shelf went The Husband’s Blade Runner boxed set…and my grandmother’s McCoy turtle sprinkler.

Yes.  By complete random chance, Blade Runner is sitting next to a collectible ceramic turtle.  If you don’t get why this amuses me, go watch the first scene of Blade Runner again.

What’s a tortoise?  

It’s a kind of turtle.

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