Amusing Second Life Family Names

Heard about Second Life a few months ago from a neat piece on one of the NPR afternoon radio news shows (looks like it was Marketplace). I looked at it at the time and I liked what I saw enough to realize that it was a serious time sink and I couldn’t afford the time it would take up, so I didn’t create an account.

I was listening to this weeks’ TWiT podcast and somehow or other Leo & Co. started talking about it. I went to the site again, and, like the hosts were doing at the time of recording, began to set up an account. Leo pointed out that there are a limited number of last names, and he found that the Drebin name was the most amusing to him. I looked at the list and saw two that were interesting to me: Bogomil (it’s a story / of Bulgarian heretics / from about 1000 A.D.) and…wait for it…waaait for it…….Clutterbuck. The first one is odd enough, but the second one blew my mind. I wondered how many people actually know about Old Dorothy, and then I wondered how many pagans signed up with either of those last names. Best way to find out is to sign up I suppose, but I’m still working out how to fit about 27 hours into a normal 24 hour day, so until I get that figured out, I’ll have to make do with the 1.5 lives that I have already!

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