Amazon Prime

I found myself at Amazon just now, about to login to edit an item on the wish list, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Obviously that prompted me to blog my problem to the whole world.

Barbobot or Sparkimus Prime?

Barbobot? Or Sparkimus Prime?

Every time I go there and see the ads for Amazon Prime, I keep thinking of the episode of Sealab 2021 where Sparks and the Captain get themselves made into a robot. They keep arguing about the name. The Captain declares himself “BAR-BO-BOT” and then Sparks attaches himself to the top of the Barbobot and says that they are “SPARKIMUS PRIME.” Which is itself a reference to another thing, of course. My fresh portion of Hell is that now every time I see Amazon Prime, in my head I hear Sparks saying “AMAZON PRIME.” I could deck the marketing department of Amazon about now.

Please, Barbobot, please make it stop!

(While we’re on the subject, I can’t imagine paying $75 per annum for the privilege of getting my crap faster from Amazon. My usual practice is to use the Super Saver free shipping. If I need something so badly that I really needed it yesterday, I just get off my lazy arse and go to the store and buy it…)

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