ALA 2010 Is Almost Here!

ALA 2010 logoIf you’re heading to ALA’s Annual Conference in DC later this month, you’ll definitely want to check out the conference page online soon.  The Conference Planner is now up & running, and it’s a great way to get a grip on your personal itinerary for the weekend.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Program descriptions are now online.
  • The online planner is now up.
  • The only mobile device you can use to access it is an iPhone.  *sigh*  My feelings on building an iPhone-only mobile website are more appropriate for another post.
  • You can also use the planner to add events to your Google Calendar, or just print it out when you’re done
  • Don’t forget the conference wiki!

Although the iPhone-only thing is less than optimal, it’s still awesome to be able to have this information online ahead of time.  It was no fun back in the old days when you’d get the bound program descriptions at the conference sign in desk…and then spend a hurried few minutes with a hi-lighter trying to figure out what the heck you wanted to do for the next few days.  So head on over to the conference page and make it happen!

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