Act Now to Save SC Libraries!

Governor Sanford has vetoed all State Aid and Federal Stimulus funding for your public libraries.  All told, the vetoes cut nearly $6 million from all public libraries in SC.

If these vetoes stand, Charleston County Public Library will continue to function in a crippled manner, but smaller county libraries around the state will have to close their doors.

Public libraries are an essential economic engine in our modern economy. Your SC public libraries provide:

  • critical research for choosing a career, finding a job, and starting a small business
  • resume writing & editing assistance
  • small business networking opportunities
  • how-to guides on career changes, job hunting, resume writing, business planning, small business marketing, forming and managing a nonprofit organization
  • study guides for required professional tests for firefighters, law enforcement officers, educators, and many others
  • free computer classes for job seekers
  • free Internet access for all.  In some cases, your local public library is the only place for someone to go in their area to fill out job applications online.
And that’s just for starters.

Your public library is the only government entity we have that exists purely to serve all of your information needs.  Local governments have already cut public libraries to save money, so Sanford’s suggestion that local governments should make up the difference is not feasible.  I believe that this cut will dramatically impair all SC libraries’ ability to provide essential materials and services in tough economic times.

The vote to override Vetoes #31 and #92 is in the House next Tuesday, June 15th.  Please contact your SC House and Senate representatives today and encourage them to override these vetoes!

Click here to find your state legislature delegation!

Other sources of information:

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