A Strange Feeling

My parents showed up at work tonight out of the blue.  Dad wanted to find his uncle and namesake’s obituary, but he couldn’t remember when he had died.  I swapped places with a coworker and headed into the periodicals area to help them look for the date and the microfilm.

Dad was digging through the precious paper cardfile that is our only index to the local paper while Mom and I bent over the bottom drawer of the microfilm case looking for the film with another family member’s obituary on it.  Mom looked up and me and said, “You know, I remember doing this with you when you were a kid.”

We stopped and looked at each other for a second.  Yes, maybe it was a different building, but it was the same library system and the same reels of film she and I had dug through looking up stuff in the local paper for school projects or genealogy.  What a strange feeling to find yourself in the same position with your Mom 30-something years later, only YOU are the sensibly-shod librarian rushing to help out before closing time!

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