A Small Book Problem

The Husband and I have a rare weekend off together. So what did we do? Here’s a hint:

A Small Book Problem

That’s right. We went to the bookstore. Okay, two bookstores.

Not that we needed any books, mind you.

Our Bookshelves

I think we may have a small book problem.

At least this wasn’t as expensive as it looks judging from the size of today’s haul. I didn’t pay full price for anything on that pile. All of them are used except for The Desire Map on the bottom.

We’re lucky to have a wonderful used book store in North Charleston called Mr. K’s. It’s the best used bookstore I’ve ever visited.  They sell paperbacks, trades, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, children’s and YA books, rare books, DVDs, BluRays, CDs and vinyl. They do a good job with their selection and you can almost always find something interesting in stock, up to and including long out-of-print and highly collectible Doctor Who Target novelizations. (See those two on the pile? Two! In one day! In the same place! That I didn’t already own! Twenty-seven years later and I only have 15 more to go.)

The hilarious part about owning this many books is trying to choose which one to read next. The scariest part is contemplating what will need to happen if we move to a different part of town next year. But we love our books and I’m not sure either of us could ever be happy without them.

Happy Saturday! The Husband and I will be at home on the sofa with the cat, reading.

2 thoughts on “A Small Book Problem

  1. Grumble! I was at Mr K’s yesterday too. And I found nothing. Nothing at all. Didn’t see your or Terry there either, but like I said, I found nothing. And I would have bought the Golem and the Jinni – I have been looking for that one.

    Instead I actually went to GoodWill and bought an antique sewing machine for my wife. Found one very unexpectedly and had to get it for her. But had to do it so quickly that I didn’t even get time to look at the books.

    Today I did find one book on the church rummage book shelf. But I want more. More! More! More!

    • Oh, dear! At least you scored a cool sewing machine. We hadn’t been to Mr. K’s in ages, so we binged. Maybe it’ll be your turn to hit the motherlode next time.