A Lazy Saturday

This is a terrible thing to admit on Day 18 of a 30 day writing challenge, but I feel totally drained of all writing energy.

I worked every day between April 7 and April 17 save one, and it was utterly exhausting. My plans for writing two posts each day this weekend hit the brick wall of reality.  Instead of making some word count progress, today has consisted of sleeping, knitting, reading, and listening to a couple of podcasts.

I just don’t know how real writers who also have day jobs do it. Well, that’s not true. Actually I do know, because people like Kameron Hurley do us all a favor and tell us how it’s going while they write. In her case, she’s discovered that she can make serious headway by binge-writing on the weekends. I salute her for it! That’s some seriously hard work to get right back up on Saturday and write even though she also writes for her day job.

I’m still at the stage where I’m trying to work out how to achieve consistent production. NaNo is demonstrating once again that daily completion of a blog post is just not going to work for me in the long term. I do want a regular schedule for posts, however. It’s just going to take some experimentation to see how to fit brainstorming, drafting, and polishing into my daily life.

One tool I have been using this year to help with production issues is the Passion Planner. I supported the Kickstarter for this year’s planner and I’ve been using it more as a brainstorming and goal checking tool than a daily calendar. I’d say more about it now, but I’ve literally got four minutes to post this or I’ll lose Camp NaNoWriMo!

More tomorrow.


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