8 Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

Nexus 7 App Icon Grid by Ash Kyd

Photo by Ash Kyd and released under a CC BY 2.0 License.

If you’ve been around me and technology for any length of time, you know that I’m a pretty satisfied Android user. Here are some nonstandard Android apps that I couldn’t live without.

1. Package Buddy

Package Buddy is a helpful program that lets you track all of your packages in one handy app. It’s a very useful tool to keep up with multiple packages especially during the holiday season.

2. Plume

Does anyone even use Twitter’s stock app anymore? I have tried other Twitter clients and I keep coming back to Plume. It does pretty much what I need and it’s great for keeping up with multiple accounts if you’re responsible for monitoring multiple accounts.

3. BeyondPod

Who needs to synch their phone to download new podcasts? Not this girl! BeyondPod downloads them every morning over wifi just before I get up so that they are ready for the car when I hit the road. I love this app!

4. Feedly

When Google Reader bit the dust, Feedly came out on top of the heap for me. I like that the app is pretty easy to use, just like their web-based site. Thanks for being there for me, Feedly!

5. Line

Keeping up with each other during the day was something that The Husband and I used to use texting for. But why text when cartoon couple Cony and Brown (a white rabbit and brown bear) can say it all with a cartoon scenario?

6. Llama

Llama automatically adjusts the ringer/vibrate/silent settings on my phone based on which cell towers I’m on and what time of day it is. Llama keeps my phone quiet at work without me having to think about it at all, which is a big plus when you work in a library!

7. County Plus

Designed as a kitting row counter app, County also helps me keep track of how many people come to programs I’ve run at work. A real time saver!

8. Tide Chart Free

If you work in downtown Charleston, chances are you’ve been stranded at some point due to what the National Weather Service optimistically describes as “shallow coastal flooding.” Tide Chart Free helps me pinpoint high and low tide before those pesky rush hour downpours so I’ll know if I need to take a little annual leave and get the heck out of downtown before I’m trapped by flooding.

Which apps can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!

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