5 Things To Learn At CREATE South 2010 & 1 Thing I Already Know

CREATE South logoThe Husband and I are going to CREATE South in Myrtle Beach this weekend.  Here’s what I hope to learn at this tech & arts conference:

  1. Is my laptop really light enough to drag around Washington DC for ALA in June?
  2. Which should I use for this blog: Blogger, WordPress.com, or bite the bullet and do WordPress.org?
  3. There is NO third thing.
  4. How can you successfully build a personal brand for your day job AND the totally different thing you do on the side?
  5. How many yarn stores are at Myrtle Beach, and how far are they from Horry Georgetown Tech’s Grand Strand campus? 🙂

And the one thing I already know: It’s gonna be a great day!

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