Writing Tools: The Oblique Strategies

The Oblique Strategies

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing tools lately. There’s something about the pressure to produce and post every day that can make you feel like a wrung out dishrag, hung out to dry on the towel bar until every idea you ever had is as desiccated and crusty as yesterday’s used washcloth. What’s a writer to do to keep the ideas coming?

One technique I learned about back in the mid-1990s is the Oblique Strategies. Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 3 (ish) Scrivener

Presenter: Andra Watkins The Accidental Cootchie Mama She’s working on her second novel now. (Fiction, suspense) Scrivener! Is writing software for Mac & Windows. There are two kinds of writers: the outliners, and the pantsers.  The outliners do tons of research or backstory planning before they begin.  There are also writers like Andra who has Continue Reading →

CREATE South 2012: Keynote – Philippa Ballentine’s Reckless Optimism

She’s the first podcast novelist in New Zealand, and has 3 novels being published this summer.Optimism has carried her through.  [What a good point…you can’t be pessimistic & create, can you? – A]4 million New Zealanders?  40 million sheep?  Wow.She’s from Wellington.  Wellywood, you know, because Peter Jackson owns it now.The Young Creative-Always writing: the Continue Reading →