The Best Fountain Pen Ever

My Lamy Safari

I have always been fascinated with quill pens and fountain pens. Call it a side effect of growing up in a city that frequently disappears up its own historical rectum.  I tried quill pens, calligraphy pens, drugstore demonstrator fountain pens that let you see the cartridge through the barrel, and ultimately an expensive Parker Sonnet from the Levenger catalog. Continue Reading →

Bike Blues (Or Should It Be Pink?)

My Wilson Nimble bike

A couple of years ago, before the midsummer days hit when the heat index reaches 112 degrees, I decided I wanted to buy a bike. I hadn’t gotten on a bike since approximately the dawn of time, or about 1988, if you prefer.  My Mom bought me a bike back then, my only first real grown-up bike.  This Continue Reading →