SC LIBRIS 2010: Using Art to Examine and Inspire Your Library Career

Presenter: Kris Jones, Head Librarian of the Anne Springs Close Library at York Technical College 1: 15 – This looks hands-on, so the blog post may have to come later! ūüôā It was a very¬†meaningful, hands-on workshop! ¬†Here are the notes I jotted as we worked: Presenter is a soul collage facilitator. ¬†Soul Collage was Continue Reading →

SC LIBRIS 2010: Let’s Skype! Using Skype in Library Programming

Presenter: Meredith Daniel, Piedmont Technical¬†College 10:44 – Overview & demo today. ¬†Yay! ¬†Presenter does Reference, instruction, collection development, acquisition & programming. (Whew!) ¬†They have no budget, so Skype can provide no cost speakers. ¬†Yay! What is Skype? – a VoIP provider. ¬†Peer to peer networking system lets you make “phone calls” between PCs. ¬†You need Continue Reading →

SC LIBRIS 2010: Staff Training 4.0-Double to Magic of 2.0

Presenter: Mary Daubenspeck | daubenspeckm[at] sccsc[dot]edu Site:¬† 9:45 – Ran a bit late! ¬†But here now. ¬†Build something your users find useful. ¬†Don’t waste effort on things your users don’t need. ¬†In a single library, in-person training may be preferable. 9:47 – Must address fears of your staff & users to make things work. ¬†Common Continue Reading →