Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 5 – Self-Defence

Presenter: Carin who works for Bibliolabs and is a ninja by night.  That’s not really true.Teacher at – 2 dojos one on the Air Base and ESAC on Dorchester Rd. just above Ashley Phosphate. Her style:Isshinryu karateOkanowan style – currently part of Japan, but it has a separate cultural identity.  A lot of the Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 4 – Pro Photography Techniques with Amateur Equipment

Presenter: Joseph Nienstedt @joel8x (sp) We need to know how to take better pics with our cell phone cameras. Principles of PhotographyVision – what’s the subject?  the story you’re trying to tell?Composition – what are you including in the picture?  How are you going to isolate image & tell the story?Light You can control those Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 3 – Ingress

Presenter: LabThug (Resistance) “The world around you is not what it seems.” Ingress is a massively multiplayer online game, but the game happens in the real world. 2 sides, Resistance (blue) Enlightened (green) Uses the GPS in your phone.  The scanner app runs on your phone as you’re playing. Instead of sitting in front of Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 2 – TV Commercials That Are Actually Good

Speaker: John @sciandarts BMW commercial….about delivering pizza.  🙂 10 Kinds of TV Commericals You Meet in Heaven He worked at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, so he wrote a lot of commercials.  Why do they matter? TV Commercials Don’t really matter Too expensive to make & air – and it’s not even measureable like Continue Reading →

Liveblog: BarCampCHS5 Session 1 – Coffee

The consensus of the room is that Irish Coffee would be the ideal coffee giveaway. 😉 Speaker: Brad Mallett Coastal Coffee Roasters Coffee grows between the Tropics. Mythology and History of coffee Caldee (sp) a goat herder who took his goats to escape some trouble. He fell asleep in a coffee plant area and woke Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 4 (ish) We Named the Dog Indiana

Presenter: Cairn Boone (SP?  I can’t see her tag well) @fortune_n_glory She does encounter snakes, esp. copperheads.  She works out at Drayton Hall. She has a dinosaur.  Archaeologists dig dinosaurs…but they don’t dig them up. 🙂 She doesn’t carry a weapon.  They tell her that you get the whip with the PhD. Who do you Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 3 (ish) Scrivener

Presenter: Andra Watkins The Accidental Cootchie Mama She’s working on her second novel now. (Fiction, suspense) Scrivener! Is writing software for Mac & Windows. There are two kinds of writers: the outliners, and the pantsers.  The outliners do tons of research or backstory planning before they begin.  There are also writers like Andra who has Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 2(ish) How to Make Ravioli

Presenter: Stephanie Coccaro There is a section for the hecklers over to the right hand side of the room.  Homemade ravioli is NOT thrown at the hecklers.  It’s too damn much work to make to waste on hecklers. -We’re actually boiling ravioli.  When dried pasta is cooked, it floats to the top of the boiling Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS Session 1(ish) Micrononprofits BOF

What works/doesn’t to get the word out?-paid ads suck-good website-CRM – contact record management-City Paper web ads work better (insert crazy hard time I had getting my phone’s hot spot and my tablet to play nice) -Groupon does work for some-Radio is a huge waste of money unless you can find a radio audience that’s Continue Reading →

BarCampCHS 2011: Social Media Marketing Strategic Planning

Doctor Who Power Point Slide, BarCampCHS, 2011

Presenter: Cheryl Smithem Cheryl’s job is to help ppl figure out what their brand is & how to help businesses learn how to market that to their customers. Get to this template: This is the best template she’s found (from David Meerman Scott [sp?]) for sorting out your social media strategy. Social Media: if Continue Reading →