Doctor Who: “Under the Lake” and “Before the Flood” First Impressions

Under the Lake featured image

I’m covering this two-parter in a very late single post because I’m a bit traumatized right now when it comes to water.


I live in South Carolina, which suffered a rainfall of near-biblical proportions the weekend that the first half of this two-parter, “Under the Lake,” premiered. “How much rainfall are we talking about?” you ask. ::deep breath:: We had two feet of rain. TWO. FEET. Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: “The Magician’s Apprentice” First Impressions

The Magician's Apprentice featured image

It’s new Doctor Who time again! Before we begin, let’s talk about what this post is and what it isn’t. What it is: A few thoughts I have about the episode having watched it twice in the first few hours after it’s release. What it isn’t: a full-on critical essay laying out all of the nuances of the story. This isn’t a final pronouncement on “The Magician’s Apprentice.” It’s only the beginning.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at “The Magician’s Apprentice.” Continue Reading →

Where to Start Watching Doctor Who

Twelve Meets Clara

I was in a meeting with two co-workers today, planning something super secret for August 23rd (spoilers, sweetie!!), when I was asked the question that Whovians love to hear: “I’ve never seen Doctor Who.  Where should I start watching?” I have several answers to that question, and it’s about time I laid them out in detail. The Continue Reading →

Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Lives and Times by James Goss & Steve Tribe #FridayReads

Doctor Who: The Doctors Lives and Times by James Goss and Steve Tribe

I’m really enjoying this book!  It’s very reminiscent of the old Peter Haining hardbacks that I poured over for hours when I was twelve.  It consists of eleven chapters, one per Doctor.  Each chapter is divided into two sections.  Part one is a collection of fake letters, diary entries, photos, and other fanfic-style explorations of Continue Reading →